The 6 best free 3D and digital design apps that make everyday life easier

The best-known Best Rendering Software for SketchUp such as Adobe, Autodesk, They are expensive, and many think they have no substitute. Still, freeware programs allow us to work in digital design and 3D modeling totally free and with high performance. Let’s get to know them.

The 6 best free 3D and digital design apps

1. Blender

In the field of 3D software, Blender is one of the most widespread. It allows modeling, lighting, the introduction of materials for subsequent rendering, and even creating 3D animations. It is a very widespread application, and there are many tutorials to help us with it. It is a sophisticated multiplatform tool and suitable for even the most novice.

2. Sketchup

Easy to use 3D software and an intuitive environment with great possibilities. With this tool, you will perform a simple and high-quality modeling in a few hours. It has the SketchUp 3D Warehouse tool, where we will find all the accessories we need. The world’s largest store of totally free 3D models.

3. Paint.NET

Very practical and solid image editing tools. Interface for image retouching and graphic editor. It is halfway between the simplicity of Paint itself and the complexity of other renowned editors. The program works through layers and includes all the basic tools offered by other graphic design software.


Gimp is the freeware alternative to Photoshop and flagship in its field for Linux-based operating systems. The dsipone tool of brushes, innovative cropping tools, layers, macros, Photoshop PSD file support… we can classify it as another essential program. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a program for editing digital images in bitmap form, both drawings, and photographs.

5. Inkscape

Vector graphics editor program. It has most of the options of programs such as Illustrator, Freehand, or the CorelDraw suite. It allows drawing all kinds of shapes, inserting texts, transformations, and gradients.

6. MyPaint

Tool oriented to drawing using digitizing tablets. It offers pressure-sensitive brushes and extensive customization options. Allows you to hide the entire program interface so that it looks like we are painting on a canvas.

Do you know any more? Please share it with us so we can make it known.

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