The 7 Mistakes of Girls Who Dream of Getting Married

The 7 Mistakes of Girls Who Dream of Getting Married

7 Mistakes of Girls Who Dream of Getting Married : They do not define what they want, and they wait badly, they are mistaken as a person, they cling to consumerism, they despair, they create false expectations, are you like that?

Mistakes of Girls Who Dream of Getting Married

Russia accumulates three generations of divorce, many women raised without father or grandfather looking for “real men” who were also raised without father or grandfather. People get married very young and divorce almost immediately.

Avoid Fatal Errors

There are mistakes that can cost us life and happiness. Are we afraid to commit them? Are we afraid to build nothing or lose everything?

Is not it scary to understand your mistakes in the twilight of your days, when it’s too late to change things? It is doubtful that anyone would wish such luck for oneself. How to avoid fatal errors? The answer is easy: with knowledge and will. You have to know where the danger is and how to avoid it. You have to have the will to achieve it, not fail, not yield and be victorious.

Before knowing the 7 most dangerous mistakes of dreams with marriage, please, first:

  • Give yourself time for an honest analysis
  • Call things by their names
  • Forget about your self-apology.
  • Read. Analyze Draw conclusions Correct


You are dreaming of marriage but in reality, you have not defined yourself. Do you know what it is to define yourself? This concept includes at least 4 stages:

  1. Understand the basic concepts. What is the family, what is its destiny? For what? Why?
  2. Stand up and with your hand in your heart, ask yourself: do I really want to start a family?
  3. If the answer is a “yes”, it is urgent to stop doing everything that could be harmful to the future marriage.
  4.  Follow your decision honestly and be willing to act. What it means is not only to react but to make decisions and fulfill them.

If you are not defined, dreams only distract your imagination. And better that there are not. They are simply sucking your energy. And they’ll keep sucking it if you do not help yourself. Define yourself!

A woman who dreams of marriage and drifts with it, flirts desperately, starts having sex with casual or inopportune people, hides serious issues (for example, if she wants to have children), is not willing to sacrifice personal comfort, cultivate harmful habits, etc … all these are indications of the lack of definition of their purposes. Or stop dreaming, or define yourself.

If you do not know how to start, talk to wise people. Read. Search your sources If your desire is strong, you will find them. But be persistent.

Keep in mind that men immediately realize if a woman does not have firm positions and lives “as she falls”. They feel it with the spine.

Possibly, you think you are dreaming of marriage, but in reality, your happiness is based on adrenaline.

Error No. 2. You Wait for a “Soon”

You are dreaming of happiness, but you do not know how to choose your true partner in life. You have no criteria And every man “SOON” could be HIM. That’s why you accept everything or almost everything proposed by the men who cross you. What if it were HE?

You think you’re like this “testing” men, which is a type of questionnaire that will allow you to understand if it is HE or NOT. That way you will not let your escape, which otherwise, you can pass by.

Let’s be honest. That is a very risky road. And not only because without criteria you will lose even more. Be clear that it is a path of loss because each “test” is a loss. It does not show at first sight. And besides, it is now fashionable to call it “experience”. And happy to have it. Of course, it is easy for the human being to self-reproach.

The worst thing is that this path can turn into no return. You lose the criteria, and you waste your time, you lose faith. You lose health. And your dream becomes nothing.

Respect yourself, study carefully what kind of person you have before you.Do not close your eyes to anything! If you are not sure of your conclusions, ask for help from yours, do not despise their opinion. In a serious matter like this, it is better to make sure.

Possibly, dreaming of marriage, you fear not recognizing your second orange and so you open yourself to anyone who asks.

Error No. 3. Is the Wrong Person

You are dreaming of marriage, you fall in love, you are attracted, but your chosen one marries with other.

It is a very painful situation. For you it is all loss: you lose the psychic forces, the time … Sometimes a lot of one and a lot of another. We are not now talking about all kinds of “maintained”, that is, swindlers. Simply, we need to understand if this is “He” or is “other.” For this you can test your “object” in the following way:

  • First

Who among you seeks to be? If it is you and only you, it is an alarm signal, it is more; it is a “stop” signal. If you are very interested, then you can be a friend of your family, but for now, “stop”.

  • Second

Why do you want to stay with you? Do not try to endow the object with imaginary features. Keep it real. What you “notice, see and sometimes come to light” and what “he himself does not realize” – are very likely your own illusions.

The man who will be your husband seeks an encounter with you. He respects you, he is attracted to you, he wants to be by your side, he has confidence in you, he asks you for advice, he wants to make you happy, and he is willing to help you.

And we must pay attention to this class of men. It is very much in vogue to love the bad and mysterious boys, but, normally, it is silly. Who dares to dictate what is and what is not fashionable? Be the promoter of fashion to family happiness. Do not think that you are not capable of governing your own feelings. You just have to love it.

Probably, you understand that the one you dream of marrying, does not love you. You just can not and do not want to stop.

Error No. 4. You Are Consumer

You are dreaming of family life, but do you know that family life is a job? Do you know that it presupposes a lot of new obligations, worries, headaches? To avoid illusions, find out what it really is like.

If your position is consumerist, it is better to stop dreaming right now, so as not to waste time.

Do not think that your husband will practice self-service at home and enjoy it. Maybe 0.5% of men are like that, but it is harmful to count on it. Harmful to your dreams.

Of course, the tasks will increase. Whether you want it or not, you will be a housewife. Resign yourself with this thought.

Begin to acquire useful habits, put your head in order. It will always be useful, and much more in family life. On the good and the very good. In marriage, you not only put in but you also receive. But it is not possible to predict in what way you will obtain your dividends, bonuses, and advantages. This depends on you personally and many other things. Marriage is a very serious transformation.

Probably, you are dreaming of a marriage where you do not give but only receive.

Error No. 5. You Believe That the Celestial Powers Will Fix It All.

You are dreaming of marriage but you leave it to the initiative of the superior forces. You believe in stories like this: “A girl was very close to staying at home, she did not have friends, nor did she have friends. And she did not think about getting married, but one day her mother brought her photo to her work, and a young man saw her, a handsome young-good-looking colleague of his mother, fell in love, and soon they got married. ”

Not only do you believe in these stories, but it’s also more, you think that’s the way it should be! According to you, this is called “God has given it to me.” And he thinks that such situations are the most correct, and the others, of the devil.

And so, While waiting for a divine message, you avoid any initiative. You cultivate a NEUTRALITY in everything, so as not to interfere with the purity of the wait. You even avoid looking at people, because the one who is predestined to you as a husband will receive a direct signal from above and will find you for himself.

Yes, it’s correct. That happens sometimes. But will he know how to cross the wall built by you when he has found you? What if he sees things from your own perspective and, just like you, is waiting for a sign from you? Fatalism is not a realistic perception of life. We are free to find our happiness, as well as to let it escape. Probably, you are dreaming of a marriage brought to you from heaven on a platter.

Suppress your pride and fear nothing. When a woman dreams, with all her heart, with love, family, and happiness, she is beautiful and inspiring. Normal men respect such a position.

Error No. 6. Awakenings

You are dreaming of family life, but it does not come. And you despair.

Despair is a dangerous, terrible, strong, experienced ENEMY. And you have to treat it like an enemy.

If you have decided that you have all the reasons to despair, it is just like opening the hatch in a submarine at great depth. It will take you, it will drown you, it will crush you. The state of despair has its sweet part: you can do nothing. But you have to do something. If you do not want to be at the mercy of the ENEMY and end your life unhappy, crushed and without faith.

What to do? Perhaps, the answer surprises you, but it is “Resign yourself, be humble “. Try to find out what that means. Humility has nothing to do with what our “every day” mind tries to draw us, it is not an attempt to show everyone our head covered with ashes. It is a process that will help you discover all the beauty of your high and that leads to happiness. And you, where did you want to go?

Probably, you are dreaming of marriage too impatiently, while in the celestial office your request is processed and those responsible are assigned.

Error No. 7. False Images

You are dreaming of marriage and with it, you draw an inadequate picture of family life. What prevents you from seeing reality and opening up to your encounter. Mass culture produces a dreadful amount of false images of happiness. Strong and tanned arms, long looks, hugs with the sea and sunset in the background.

The more you absorb the magical world of mass media, the thicker the glass wall between you and reality. But behind this wall, nobody loves you, simply because there is no one there.

Loyal and loving people are sometimes badly shaved and go hungry, they catch a cold and lose hair, they do not remember key dates, and their clothes need laundry … But they are real and can give you happiness. Outside the glass wall, respect reality!

You are probably dreaming of marriage, but in reality, you are loving an imaginary hero. And so it will not continue.

Conclusions: What to Do?

A review of errors will be a serious and possibly key step on the road to happiness.

Be honest, study honestly everything that worries you. Make a personal “alarm list”.

Work each point, that is, establish the actions that will help you remove the obstacles.

Dream of a happy family life with tranquility and security. You can not imagine how beautiful dreams are when they are based on reality!


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