Which Is the the Best Minerva Sewing Machines?

Which Is the the Best Minerva Sewing Machines?

If you are passionate about clothing, want to be fashionable, and create your different clothing items, it is time to buy a sewing machine. The Minerva brand is a good choice being reliable, easy to use, and equipped with the latest technologies.

Best Minerva Sewing Machines

Which Is the the Best Minerva Sewing Machines?

The first option on our list, Minerva Next363D, is suitable for both a beginner and an advanced tailor; it offers 36 different programs with which you can perform various operations. You can also make various adjustments, such as needle pitch, zig-zag width, foot pressure, etc. The included accessories are very diverse and help you to be very creative. It has a detachable drawer useful both for storing certain small things and for easily making tubular seams. For storage, it has a cover. A variant can be the second product on our list, Minerva M87V.

Minerva NEXT363D

This newer model is based on multiple functions and accessories to make your work easier, offers you the possibility to make several important adjustments, works with 2 needles for double stitches, has 36 various programs, a detachable drawer, LED lighting, automatic needle winder. The offer is good. Otherwise, it is an important investment, slightly higher than other products presented.

It’s a home sewing machine simple and easy to use, even by novices, so you may be creative in clothes design.

Minerva M87V

With 3 sets of programs (34 in total), with accessories included and different settings, this type of sewing machine allows you to make all the usual stitches, such as stitches on elastic materials, different types of overlay and edges, decorative stitches, and buttonholes, but also more remarkable, such as double stitching, on different types of material. Although it has different functions and high-performance programs, the model keeps the classic vertical shuttle, which is more challenging to maintain. An electromechanical sewing machine model that will fit perfectly for household chores, offering a wide range of accessories and sewing possibilities.

Minerva NEXT141D

An easy to use model, with which you can make different types of usual stitches, but also more special, which allows you to work on a diverse range of materials, from silk to thick fabrics, quilting and decorative stitching, overcasting and hidden edges, buttonholes, etc., including accessories for the maintenance of the sewing machine and storage cover. The number of programs offered is smaller, with only 14 options. Good price, various accessories, a sewing machine with which you can make different types of stitches on almost any kind of material.

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How Do You Choose a Minerva Sewing Machine?

If in the past tailoring clothes at home or the tailor’s was often a necessity, now it has become, for some users, a passion. A sewing machine can be a compelling accessory to anybody who wants to work with textiles. Still, it can often be difficult to choose the device that best meets your requirements as the requirements for a professional amateur varies. The performance of an industrial sewing machine is completely different from those of a classic.

Even if you have already chosen the brand to which your new help should belong, it is not easy to opt for a certain model. The first aspect that you need to consider is related to responding effectively to your needs. If you have already chosen the manufacturer, the type of mechanism and shuttle and the integrated functions are the main features that will guide your choice.


Minerva is one of the most famous sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1881, the company begins production of industrial sewing machines in 1953. Since 1998 Minerva became a member of the Durkopp Adler group, in 1999 changing the brand name. After 2001, the company sells a new and innovative technology in sewing machines, a technology that will be used in the manufacture of all products of the Durkopp Adler group. Given many opinions about the best Minerva sewing machines, we consider it proof of wisdom to opt for this brand.


Traditionally, Minerva sewing machines are available in two variants, electromechanical and digital. An electromechanical machine is controlled either by the wired pedal or by the control panel, is very easy to use even by beginners. The most modern sewing machines are the professional or semi-professional ones, computerized, with digital settings and a microprocessor that allows the programming of the executed actions.

The type of shuttle will directly influence the efficiency and speed with which you will work. Vertical bobbins are a little difficult to manage as they don’t let you see how much thread you have and don’t provide plenty of room for remontage once you’ve broken down. Such a shuttle is found on the Minerva MC8300 model. The horizontal shutters provide extra comfort in handling; they are easy to reintroduce into the mechanism and allow constant viewing of the amount of thread available; this is the case of the shuttle on the Minerva B32.

Integrated Functions

Many buyers wonder where to find the Minerva sewing machine at a good price, but the price is a direct consequence of the machine’s performance in mind. It is more precisely about the additional functions that the sewing machine includes: automatic threading, adjusting the distance between the needle and the platform, mobile arm, 7-point fastening, creating buttonholes and overlining, functions for various embroidery patterns, and so on. These functions may be necessary and even mandatory for a professional or simply useless for an amateur who uses 3 types of basic stitches, which perfectly meet his needs.

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Most Advantageous Minerva Sewing Machines

Next, we will present a short selection made by us, consisting of 3 of the most advantageous Minerva sewing machines available on the market today.

Minerva NEXT363D

If you want to start making your clothes and you need an electromechanical machine, simple and easy to use, you can go to this model from Minerva. Being a new product, it is adapted to the market’s new requirements, offering functions and accessories to make your work easier.

You can make several types of stitches, including double both straight and zig-zag, overcast, decorative, for elastic, foot for the button, and zipper, with no less than 36 programs. To be as creative as possible, you can adjust the length of the step, the width of the zig-zag, and the pressure of the foot.

It provides you with a wire cutter and a measuring ruler. It has a drawer in which you can keep various small objects, and it is very helpful when you have to sew something tubular, the drawer being detachable. The sewing speed is 850 stitches per minute.


  • It is a car suitable for both beginners and advanced.
  • It provides you with 36 programs to perform various operations.
  • The included accessories are diverse and make your work easier.
  • It has a high sewing speed, 850 imp/min.

Minerva M87V

This model is a cheap and good Minerva sewing machine, perfect for home users, whether beginners or advanced. The device benefits from 3 sets of programs that include all the usual seams, including the seams for elastic materials, different overcasting or hidden hem, decorative seams, and semi-automatic buttonholes.

The machine also has other very helpful functions for easy and fast work:

  • Adjusting the length of the step and the position of the needle
  • Using the double needle
  • Adjusting the pressure of the presser foot
  • The upper thread’s tension

Increased comfort is provided by the automatic threading function, the thread cutter and the ruler on the machine housing, and the lighting of the work surface.

You will also benefit from a detachable accessory box. The package includes a set of needles, 3 coils, a buttonhole curator with brush, quilting guide, secondary capita support, capita cover, felt washer, oil tube, screwdriver, and a helpful dust cover. This sewing machine is exactly what you need if you are passionate about textile processing or just starting with small projects.


  • It is an electromechanical model suitable for household activities.
  • It provides you with 34 different programs with which you can perform different operations.
  • The sewing speed is 800 imp/min.
  • The conveyor with 6 serrated belts allows the processing of different types of materials.

Minerva NEXT141D

Useful for domestic activities and in a small tailoring workshop, this type of electromechanical sewing machine is multifunctional. The 14 programs provided can be applied to almost any type of material.

A disk is placed at hand, has a stitching speed of 850 imp/min, and is supplied with a vertical bobbin to transfer from one program to another. We mention quilting, zipper sewing, buttons, buttonholes, and lighting the work area, among the essential functions.

In addition to the valuable accessories to perform various operations (quilting guide, stop plate for embroidery or buttons, zippered foot, button cutter, etc.), it also has the necessary elements for maintenance (screwdriver, cleaning brush, oil tube, etc.). ) and storage case. It also has a detachable drawer with two functions: storage for various small objects and easily sewn different tubular items (sleeve, neckline, etc.).


  • It is a sewing machine with high sewing speed (850 imp/min), useful for both home and workshop.
  • It can be used for nearly any material type.
  • The included accessories help you perform a wide range of operations.
  • It has a good price.

Minerva MC250C

This model is probably the best Minerva sewing machine, its addressability being oriented to professionals. With digital control, you’ll be able to operate much more efficiently and precisely, and with the LCD screen, you’ll be able to monitor and adjust settings on the go. One hundred ninety-seven stitch types and eight buttonholes can be used.

Among the most used types of stitches, in addition to the usual ones, there are elastic stitches for knitting, decorative stitching, surfacing, quilting, festooning, stopping, and hidden seam for the hem. The gadget includes automated thread cutting, automatic seam consolidation, fast foot change, needle positioning, and much more. The package also includes an additional kit with a toothbrush, opener, capita holder, a guide for the quilting operation, 3 coils, and 2 screwdrivers.

A set of needles, a felt washer for the knob, and an auxiliary knuckle holder for double-needle operation. If we still need to convince you, the model is also provided with a beautiful and practical cover, which allows you to protect the device from dust or curious gloves when not in use.

Minerva M190

This sewing machine for home users is highlighted by combining simplicity in operation and functionality with an unparalleled price on the market for a product of such versatility.

The device is equipped with 21 basic programs, between which you can easily switch. You can choose to make semi-automatic buttonholes to make elastic stitches for knitting, overcasting, hidden stitches, scallops, or decorative stitches. The operation with double-needle allows the achievement of elegant and uniform finishes. Automatic threading and automatic thread cutting increase the working speed, and the proper illumination of the work surface will improve the quality of the work.

The maximum sewing speed is up to 800 stitches per minute, the device operating with a classic, metallic vertical bobbin. The device also includes a series of accessories: 1 set of needles, buttonhole sewing foot, screwdriver, cover, capita stop, cleaning brush, universal foot, and buttonhole cutter. The simple operation almost does not require the study of the included user manual; it is so intuitive. Thus, even the inexperienced will be able to operate it successfully from the first attempt.

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